Barefoot & More: Redefining Comfort and Mobility

Founded in 2017, Barefoot & More has quickly become a significant destination for all enthusiasts of barefoot shoes and toe socks. Located in the vibrant heart of Arnhem, Netherlands, the company offers an abundance of options for customers seeking comfort, freedom, and a natural walking experience.

An Extensive Catalogue

The brand houses an extensive collection of Barefoot shoes from a variety of established and respected manufacturers, including Vivobarefoot, Vibram FiveFingers & Furoshiki, Joe Nimble, Leguano, Merrell, Freet, Be Lenka, Xero Shoes, Luna Sandals, Bosky, and Shamma. Their children’s offerings include quality products from Leguano, Be Lenka, Vivobarefoot, Koel4Kids, and Affenzahn, catering to the needs of the younger generation seeking the benefits of barefoot shoes.

In addition to footwear, Barefoot & More also offers a wide range of toe socks from market leaders such as Injinji and Knitido. The focus doesn’t stop at shoes and socks; the brand has a range of books on barefoot movement, foot training, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, advocating for a holistic approach to well-being.

Founders and Their Philosophy

Behind the success of Barefoot & More are founders Vincent and Esther, both experienced barefoot enthusiasts themselves. Vincent has been an avid trail runner since 2009 and often chooses to go barefoot or wear FiveFingers for his outdoor adventures. He regularly organizes Barefoot Running or walking clinics, educating others about the benefits and techniques of barefoot movement.

Esther abandoned her orthotics and sturdy shoes after 25 years in 2015, carefully trained her feet and ankles, and discovered a world free from the chronic injuries that orthotics never healed. Their personal experiences and the transformations they’ve seen in their physical health form the basis of Barefoot & More’s philosophy: strengthening the body through natural movement and training.

Customer-Centric Approach

Barefoot & More’s excellent customer service is a crucial part of its brand identity. The brand’s victory at the Shopping Awards 2022 is evidence of their dedication to providing a superior customer experience. Furthermore, the company offers free shipping for orders over €25 within the Netherlands and ensures fast delivery, usually within 1-2 working days.

Physical Store and Online Presence

Barefoot & More welcomes customers to its physical store in Arnhem, where they are invited to try on and feel the comfort of barefoot shoes. In addition to the physical store, Barefoot & More has a strong online presence, allowing global customers to explore their extensive catalog and place orders with ease.

The brand is not just about selling products; it actively engages with the community through informative blogs and exercise tips. It celebrates significant events such as National Barefoot Day and organizes various workshops that promote the concept of barefoot movement.

Commitment to Information

Barefoot & More goes beyond selling products; it’s a hub of information and resources about the barefoot lifestyle. Their blog offers insights into various aspects of barefoot movement, such as the association between barefoot shoes and autism or the arrival of sandal season. They maintain an active Help Guide and FAQ section to assist customers in making informed decisions.

Barefoot & More is not just a store; it’s a haven for people looking to enhance their mobility and overall health through barefoot movement. With a diverse range of products, a commitment to customer service, and a philosophy rooted in the benefits of natural movement, Barefoot & More is truly an extraordinary brand that offers more than meets the eye.

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