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In the realm of automotive maintenance, a well-functioning ventilation and air conditioning system is paramount., in partnership with Cleverlog-Autoteile GmbH, stands as the go-to destination for automotive enthusiasts across Europe, offering a comprehensive range of ventilation and air conditioning components. With an astounding inventory of over five million spare parts, has carved a niche for itself as a reliable source of premium-quality components at budget-friendly prices.

Understanding the Significance:

Ventilation and air conditioning systems in vehicles do much more than maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature. These systems contribute significantly to safety, air quality, and overall driving experience. They allow you to adjust the interior temperature, ensuring comfort during extreme weather conditions. Additionally, these systems play a vital role in defogging and defrosting, ensuring clear visibility. They also filter the air, removing pollutants, allergens, and odors to provide a clean and refreshing cabin environment.’s Expansive Inventory: takes pride in offering an extensive and diversified inventory of ventilation and air conditioning components, catering to the diverse needs of vehicle owners with different makes and models. Within this comprehensive range, you’ll find a wide variety of components:

Air Conditioning Compressors: Often considered the heart of the air conditioning system, offers a spectrum of options from trusted brands such as NISSENS and TEAMEC, among others. These compressors are responsible for compressing the refrigerant, making it ready for cooling.

Condensers: To cool and convert refrigerant from gas to liquid, top-quality condensers are essential. offers a wide selection from brands like Akusan and Bosch, ensuring your air conditioning system works efficiently.

Heating Modules: When the temperature drops, these modules come to the rescue, providing efficient heating to keep you warm during chilly drives. ensures that you stay comfortable in all seasons.

Air Conditioning Evaporators: These crucial components help cool the incoming air, ensuring a pleasant cabin temperature. offers an array of choices to match your vehicle’s specifications, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable journey.

Compressor Fittings: Secure connections are vital in the air conditioning system, and delivers high-quality fittings to guarantee leak-free performance, ensuring that your system operates flawlessly.

Control Valves: Precise regulation of refrigerant flow is paramount to the efficient operation of your air conditioning system. offers various control valves to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your system performs optimally.

Expansion Valves: Essential for maintaining proper refrigerant flow, expansion valves are available to suit different vehicle models, ensuring that your air conditioning system operates efficiently.

Blower Motors: Efficient air circulation is ensured with reliable blower motors from reputable manufacturers available at, making sure that you and your passengers stay comfortable.

Gaskets and Seals: Preventing leaks in the air conditioning system is crucial, and offers top-notch gaskets and seals to achieve airtight performance, ensuring the reliability and durability of your system.

Pressure Switches: Monitoring and controlling pressure within the air conditioning system is essential for its proper functioning. has a range of pressure switches to choose from, ensuring that your system operates seamlessly.

Quality Assurance: is deeply committed to providing products of the highest quality. This commitment is reflected in their collaboration with renowned brands in the automotive industry. Customers can have complete confidence that the components they purchase are not only durable but also dependable, ensuring long-lasting and efficient performance for their vehicles.

Seamless Online Shopping Experience:

Navigating the website is a breeze. Whether you have a specific catalog number in mind or require assistance in identifying the correct component, their intuitive search functionality simplifies the process. Their dedication to user-friendliness extends to every aspect of the online shopping experience, ensuring that customers can find the right parts with ease.


In the realm of automotive maintenance and comfort, a well-maintained ventilation and air conditioning system is paramount., in partnership with Cleverlog-Autoteile GmbH, emerges as the ultimate destination for automotive enthusiasts across Europe who seek top-notch ventilation and air conditioning solutions. With a steadfast commitment to quality, an extensive and diverse inventory, and a user-friendly shopping interface, continues to set the standard for excellence in the industry. Do not compromise on your comfort and safety – explore’s vast range today, and ensure your vehicle’s interior remains comfortable and pleasant throughout the year. is your trusted partner for all your automotive ventilation and air conditioning needs.

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