FINN Car Subscription Partner Program

In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern business, adaptability and flexibility have become paramount. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of fleet management, where companies seek innovative solutions to optimize their mobility needs. Enter FINN, a pioneering force in the automotive subscription industry, offering a transformative partnership opportunity for businesses. In this comprehensive article, we will delve deep into the FINN Business Program, exploring its benefits, features, and the remarkable advantages it brings to business customers.

The Power of Partnership: The FINN Business Program

The FINN Business Program is designed to empower businesses of all sizes with a revolutionary approach to fleet management. By becoming a partner, businesses can seamlessly integrate FINN’s all-encompassing car subscription service into their existing offerings, providing their customers with unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability in their fleet operations.

Advantages of the FINN Auto Subscription for Your Customers

Flexible Terms: Businesses can tailor their fleet needs to short-term or long-term requirements, with subscription terms starting from just one month. This adaptability ensures that your customers are never tied down by rigid contracts.

Affordable Complete Package: All expenses related to the fleet, including insurance, maintenance, and wear and tear, are bundled into a fixed, transparent rate. This predictability eliminates hidden costs and simplifies budgeting for your customers.

Quick Availability: With FINN’s remarkable delivery efficiency, your customers can have their desired vehicle models delivered within just one week of ordering. This quick turnaround time ensures that your customers’ mobility needs are met promptly.

Climate-Neutral Mobility: In an era of increasing environmental awareness, FINN offers electromobility options and provides 100% compensation for all CO₂ emissions from combustion engines. Your customers can embrace sustainability without compromising on mobility.

Personalized Service: Each customer subscribed to FINN Auto receives a designated contact person to address all their fleet-related queries and needs. This personalized touch enhances customer satisfaction and ensures a smooth experience.

Comfortable Transfer: FINN takes care of vehicle registration and offers free nationwide delivery to the customer’s desired address. This level of convenience minimizes administrative burdens and streamlines the process.

Benefiting from the Partner Program

The FINN Partner Program is not only about enhancing your customers’ experience but also about boosting your business’s profitability. Here’s how:

Attractive Brokerage Commissions: As a partner, you earn commissions for generating leads that ultimately result in subscription contracts. This financial incentive rewards your efforts in promoting FINN’s offerings.

Easy Transaction: The partnership agreement with FINN is designed for simplicity and speed, ensuring a hassle-free onboarding process.

Comprehensive Materials: FINN provides partners with all the necessary information and marketing materials to support their campaigns. This resourceful support helps you effectively communicate the benefits of FINN subscriptions to your customer base.

Personal Contact Person: The longevity and quality of your partnership with FINN are nurtured through regular communication and support from a dedicated contact person.

Collaborations That Strengthen the Business Landscape

The strength of the FINN Business Program lies in its collaborations with established partners in various sectors. Two noteworthy examples are MOBIKO and Machine Rings Germany.

MOBIKO: MOBIKO’s innovative mobility platform offers employee benefits in the form of mobility budgets. By partnering with FINN, they provide their members with access to sustainable and flexible car subscriptions, fostering an easier transition into electromobility.

Machine Rings Germany: As the largest service organization in German agriculture, Machine Rings Germany leverages its partnership with FINN to offer advantageous vehicle options to its members. This collaboration benefits both the association and its members, thanks to the swift availability of fleet vehicles.

Becoming a Partner

Becoming a partner with FINN is a straightforward process, provided your business meets certain criteria:

  • A network size of at least 50 business customers.
  • A customer base with continuous mobility needs and an interest in innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • A commitment to actively support your customers in optimizing their fleets with FINN’s flexible and efficient solutions.
  • Operations in Germany.

To explore partnership opportunities, you can submit your inquiry through the provided form, and the FINN team will respond promptly.


In an era where business mobility demands continuous evolution, the FINN Business Program offers a game-changing solution. By integrating FINN’s car subscription service into their offerings, businesses can provide their customers with unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability in their fleet operations. With attractive commissions, ease of transaction, comprehensive support, and strong partnerships, the FINN Business Program is set to revolutionize how businesses approach fleet management. So, why wait? Join the FINN Business Program today and embark on a journey toward a more sustainable, flexible, and prosperous future in business mobility.

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