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iHoverboard: Revolutionizing Urban Travel with Innovative Products and Services

iHoverboard is a leading brand that is revolutionizing urban travel with its innovative products and services. The company offers a wide range of hoverboards, lightweight electric scooters, and powerful off-road electric scooters designed for all terrains, providing an eco-friendly and affordable solution for daily commuting, leisure activities, and exciting outdoor adventures. With a commitment to delivering trendsetting styles, top-notch performance, excellent quality, and unparalleled service, iHoverboard has become the go-to choice for transportation enthusiasts of all ages.

iHoverboard prides itself on being as agile as an ant while exuding turbo-boosted power. The company is dedicated to continuously improving the ease and quality of life for its customers. With a strong focus on innovation, iHoverboard aims to provide practical, safe, and ultra-fun rides through its diverse range of products.

Product Range


iHoverboard offers an impressive selection of hoverboards suitable for riders of all ages. From basic models to self-balancing, off-road hoverboards with Bluetooth connectivity, customers are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for their needs and preferences.

Electric Scooters

For urban commuters seeking an unobstructed ride to work or a delightful glide through the city, iHoverboard’s electric scooters are the ideal solution. Embrace a more efficient life with these lightweight and eco-friendly scooters.

Off-Road Electric Scooters

Adventure enthusiasts can rely on iHoverboard’s powerful off-road electric scooters built to conquer all types of terrains. These scooters are not only excellent companions for spontaneous outings with family and friends but also promote a greener and healthier lifestyle.

Why Choose iHoverboard

Trendsetting Styles

iHoverboard prides itself on staying ahead of the curve, offering the latest trends and designs in the electric transportation industry.

Best-in-Class Performance and Quality

Each product is meticulously crafted to ensure superior performance and durability, meeting the highest quality standards.

Uncompromising Service

iHoverboard places customer satisfaction at the core of its values, providing unparalleled support and assistance to its users.

Affordable Prices

Despite the cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials used, iHoverboard remains committed to offering competitive prices, making its products accessible to a wide range of customers.

Your Personal Transportation Assistant

iHoverboard’s hoverboards, electric scooters, and off-road scooters act as personal transportation assistants, offering practicality, safety, and an abundance of fun. They serve as ideal solutions for commuting, leisure, and adventures, catering to children, teens, and adults alike. By prioritizing innovation and environmentally friendly design, iHoverboard aims to deliver the ultimate outdoor experience for its customers.

Environmental Commitment

As a company passionate about sustainable practices, iHoverboard actively contributes to a greener world. By promoting electric transportation, they encourage a reduction in carbon emissions and support eco-friendly mobility solutions for urban areas.

Pay in 3. Anywhere

iHoverboard provides customers with the convenience of paying in three equal, interest-free installments, making their products more accessible to a wider audience.

Free & Fast Shipping

iHoverboard prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers 1-3 working days shipping using reliable carriers like DHL, DPD, and Yodel.

Returns & Warranty

The company stands behind the quality of its products, offering a 30-day free shipping return policy and a 12-month warranty to ensure customer peace of mind.

UK Based Support

With a base in Oldbury, iHoverboard provides exceptional customer support through various channels, including email, phone, and live chat, from 9 AM to 6 PM GMT+1, ensuring that customers’ queries are promptly addressed.

iHoverboard: Empowering Kids with Long-Range 3-Wheel Electric Scooters

iHoverboard has introduced an innovative and exciting product specifically designed for children aged 3 to 12 – the 19miles Long Range 3 Wheel Kids Electric Scooter. This remarkable scooter combines style, safety, and performance, making it a perfect companion for kids’ daily adventures. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and why this scooter is garnering rave reviews from parents and kids alike.

1. Design and Style

The 3 Wheel Kids Electric Scooter boasts an eye-catching design that appeals to both kids and their parents. With curved chopper handlebars, it makes a style statement while providing extra control to young riders who love to move at speed. The scooter’s sporty front wheels not only look impressive but also add stability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience for children.

2. Lean-to-Steer Mechanism

One of the standout features of this electric scooter is the lean-to-steer design. This innovative mechanism allows children to intuitively control the scooter’s direction by shifting their body weight. It enhances their sense of balance and coordination while making the ride more engaging and fun.

3. Adjustable Handlebar

The scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar, catering to different rider heights (63-86cm or 24.8-33.8 inches). This feature ensures that the scooter can accommodate children of various ages, making it a long-term investment that grows with the child.

4. Grippy Footplate

Safety is a top priority at iHoverboard, and the 3 Wheel Kids Electric Scooter is no exception. The scooter’s grippy footplate provides a secure surface for kids to place their feet, reducing the risk of slipping and enhancing their overall riding experience.

5. Rustproof Aluminum Handlebars and Fat Sports Wheels

Built to withstand the adventures of active kids, the scooter features rustproof aluminum handlebars that ensure durability and longevity. The fat sports wheels add to the overall stability and smoothness of the ride, even on rough surfaces.

6. Maximum Rider Weight and Scooter Weight

The scooter is designed to accommodate riders up to 40kg (88.2lbs), providing ample support for children as they grow. Despite its robust build, the scooter itself weighs just 3.7kg (8.2lbs), making it easy for kids to handle and carry when needed.

iHoverboard is revolutionizing urban travel with its range of innovative and eco-friendly transportation solutions. From hoverboards to electric scooters and off-road scooters, the company offers something for everyone. With a commitment to trendsetting styles, top-notch performance, and affordable prices, iHoverboard is a brand that customers can rely on. By fostering a greener, healthier lifestyle through their products, iHoverboard is making a meaningful change for individuals and the wider world, one ride at a time.

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