Overview of e-hoi

E-hoi is a Switzerland-based online travel agency specializing in cruise vacations. Founded in 2002, the company has become one of the largest cruise providers in the German-speaking market, serving customers from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and other European countries.

E-hoi offers a variety of cruises from different cruise lines, including luxury cruises, family cruises, river cruises, and themed cruises. Customers can search and book their preferred cruise through the company’s website or mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices.

In addition to cruise bookings, E-hoi also provides various travel-related services such as flights, hotels, and rental cars. The company’s website also includes customer reviews and ratings of cruises and destinations to assist potential customers in making decisions.

E-hoi has received several awards for its services, including the “Best Cruise Portal” award at the 2019 Travel Industry Club Awards. The company has also been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, earning the “Blue Angel” environmental label.

Booking Process and Customer Experience of E-hoi

E-hoi’s booking process is user-friendly and efficiently designed, allowing customers to quickly and easily search for and book their preferred cruise. Here’s an overview of the booking process and customer experience at E-hoi:

Search and Filters: The first step in the booking process is to search for a cruise that matches the customer’s preferences. Customers can use E-hoi’s search function on its website or app to filter cruises by destination, cruise line, ship, travel dates, and other criteria. The search results are displayed in a list view with relevant information such as price, itinerary, and ship names.

Select and Compare: Once the customer finds a cruise of interest, they can select it and view further details such as cabin types, deck plans, and amenities. E-hoi allows customers to compare multiple cruises side by side to assist them in making a decision.

Customize and Book: After selecting a cruise, customers can customize their booking by choosing a cabin type, adding extras like shore excursions or beverage packages, and selecting their preferred payment method. E-hoi offers various payment options, including credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal. Once the booking is completed, customers receive a confirmation email with all the details of their cruise.

Customer Support: E-hoi offers customer support through various channels, including a phone hotline, email, and live chat. Customers can also access a Help Center on the website or app, which provides answers to frequently asked questions and other useful information.

Overall, E-hoi’s booking process is transparent and user-friendly, with clear pricing and itinerary information, a variety of customization options, and efficient payment and confirmation processes. The company also strives to provide excellent customer support during and beyond the booking process to ensure a positive customer experience.

Market Position and Competition of E-hoi

E-hoi is one of the leading online travel agencies specializing in cruises in the German-speaking market, primarily serving customers in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. The company has captured a significant share of the cruise market in this region, thanks to its user-friendly platform, extensive range of cruises, and strong customer support. Here’s a closer look at E-hoi’s market position and competition:

Market Position

E-hoi has established itself as a key player in the German-speaking cruise market, offering a wide range of popular cruise lines such as MSC, Costa, Royal Caribbean, and many others. The company’s user-friendly platform that allows customers to easily search and compare cruise options has been a significant factor in its success. Additionally, E-hoi’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices has helped distinguish it from other competitors in the market.


E-hoi competes with other online travel agencies specializing in cruises, as well as traditional travel agencies and cruise operators. Some of the major competitors in the German-speaking market include Dreamlines,, and AIDA Cruises. Each of these competitors has its own unique strengths, such as offering a wide range of cruise options or having a strong brand reputation that customers find appealing.

Challenges and Opportunities

One of the major challenges that E-hoi and other cruise-related travel agencies currently face is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cruise industry. The pandemic has led to a significant decline in demand for cruises, resulting in reduced revenue and job losses across the industry. However, as the pandemic situation improves, opportunities may arise for E-hoi to rekindle renewed interest in cruises by emphasizing safety measures and the benefits of cruise vacations.

Another challenge for E-hoi is the increasing competition from other online travel agencies and the threat of consolidation in the industry. To remain competitive, E-hoi will likely need to continue driving innovation and expanding its offerings while maintaining a focus on sustainability and customer service to differentiate itself from other players in the market.


In conclusion, E-hoi is a leading online travel agency specializing in cruises, serving customers primarily in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. The company’s user-friendly platform, extensive range of cruise options, and commitment to sustainability and customer service have helped it establish a strong position in the German-speaking cruise market. Despite competition from other online travel agencies and traditional travel agencies, E-hoi continues to drive innovation and expand its offerings while maintaining its focus on delivering an excellent customer experience. As the cruise industry navigates the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, E-hoi will need to adapt and continue differentiating itself to remain competitive in the market.

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