Preserve Your Memories: The Magic of Mediafix

In the digital age, preserving our precious memories has never been more important. Photos, videos, and old film reels capture moments from our past that we want to cherish forever. However, these analog media formats can deteriorate over time, leading to a loss of irreplaceable memories. That’s where Mediafix comes in. As a leader in media digitization, Mediafix helps you convert your old photos, videos, and films into digital formats, ensuring that your memories are preserved for generations to come. Let’s explore why Mediafix is the ultimate solution for digitizing your cherished memories.

The Mediafix Promise

Mediafix is dedicated to providing top-notch digitization services for a variety of media formats. With a TÜV certification, a best-price guarantee, and thousands of satisfied customers, Mediafix stands out as a trusted and reliable partner for preserving your memories. Whether you need to digitize photos, slides, negatives, video tapes, or Super 8 films, Mediafix offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs.

Why Digitize Your Memories?

Digitizing your analog media offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it ensures that your memories are preserved in a format that won’t degrade over time. Unlike physical media, which can be damaged by environmental factors, digital files remain intact and can be easily backed up. Digitization also makes your memories more accessible, allowing you to view and share them effortlessly on modern devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The Simple Process of Digitization

Mediafix has streamlined the digitization process to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Unverbindliche Anfrage (Non-Binding Inquiry)

Start by filling out a contact form on the Mediafix website, detailing your digitization needs. This initial inquiry is completely non-binding, allowing you to explore your options without any commitment.

Step 2: Formular Drucken & Unterschreiben (Print & Sign the Form)

Once you’ve submitted your inquiry, you’ll receive a personalized order form. Print it out, sign it, and include it with your packaged media.

Step 3: Anlieferung Ihrer Medien (Delivery of Your Media)

You can send your media to Mediafix via mail, arrange for a pickup service, or drop them off at one of Mediafix’s numerous locations. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the delivery method that best suits your needs.

Mediafix Services: Comprehensive and High-Quality

Mediafix offers a wide range of digitization services to cater to various types of media.

Photos and Slides

Convert your old photo prints and slides into high-resolution digital images. Mediafix offers different quality levels, from Budget to Highend, ensuring that you get the best possible results based on your needs and budget. Whether it’s family photos, travel snapshots, or professional slides, Mediafix handles each piece with care.


Don’t let your negatives gather dust in the attic. Mediafix can digitize them, bringing your old photos back to life with enhanced colors and sharpness. Their state-of-the-art scanning technology ensures that every detail is preserved.

Video Cassettes

Relive those nostalgic moments captured on VHS or other video formats by converting them to digital. Mediafix can handle various video formats, ensuring that you don’t lose any of those precious family recordings.

Super 8 Films

Super 8 films hold a special place in many families’ archives. Mediafix offers professional digitization services for Super 8 and Normal 8 films, preserving the original quality while making it easy to watch and share these old recordings.

Hasselblad Scans

For those with high-end medium and large format negatives, Mediafix offers Hasselblad scans. This service is perfect for professional photographers and serious hobbyists who require the highest quality digital conversions.

Special Offers and Discounts

Mediafix frequently runs special promotions, making their top-quality services even more affordable. Currently, you can take advantage of their Pfingst-Aktionen (Pentecost Promotions) for discounted rates on various digitization services. These offers make it the perfect time to start preserving your memories.

Secure and Convenient Service

Mediafix takes the security of your media seriously. All shipments are insured, and the digitization process is carried out with the utmost care. Their TÜV certification ensures that their services meet high standards of quality and safety. Additionally, Mediafix offers multiple payment options, including secure SSL-encrypted online payments, ensuring a smooth and safe transaction.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Mediafix is easy. Visit their website, fill out the non-binding inquiry form, print and sign the order form, and send your media for digitization. Mediafix offers free consultations to help you understand the best options for your needs. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Trust Mediafix with Your Memories

Preserving your memories is an invaluable investment in your past and future. Mediafix makes this process simple, affordable, and secure. With their wide range of services, commitment to quality, and customer-focused approach, Mediafix is the ideal partner for digitizing your analog media.

Don’t let your precious memories fade away – contact Mediafix today and ensure that they are preserved for generations to come.

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