Wholesale Aircon: The Best in Air Conditioning Solutions

When it comes to keeping cool or staying warm, Wholesale Aircon has become a go-to source for quality air conditioning solutions in Australia. Known for offering unbeatable deals, a wide range of products, and excellent customer service, Wholesale Aircon is dedicated to meeting the needs of both residential and commercial customers. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what makes Wholesale Aircon a standout choice for air conditioning systems, highlight their top products, and share customer experiences that attest to their exceptional service.

The Best Deals on Air Conditioning

At Wholesale Aircon, customers can expect CRAZY UNBEATABLE DEALS on a wide array of air conditioning systems. Whether you need a split system for a single room, a ducted system for comprehensive home coverage, or a multi-head system for apartments with limited outdoor space, Wholesale Aircon has the perfect solution at a competitive price.

Split System Air Conditioners

Split systems are ideal for heating or cooling individual rooms in a cost-effective manner. These systems consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit and are known for their efficiency and ease of installation. Wholesale Aircon offers a variety of split system models from top brands like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Daikin, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

For those looking for comprehensive climate control throughout their home, ducted systems are the way to go. These systems are typically concealed in the ceiling or under the house, with air vents strategically placed throughout the home for optimal coverage. Wholesale Aircon’s range of ducted systems includes powerful units from trusted brands that provide efficient cooling and heating solutions for large spaces.

Multi-Head Split Systems

Multi-head split systems are perfect for apartments and homes with limited outdoor space. These systems consist of multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit, allowing for individual control of different rooms. This flexibility makes them an excellent choice for maintaining a comfortable environment in various parts of the home.

Competitive Pricing and Exceptional Service

One of the key strengths of Wholesale Aircon is its competitive pricing. Customers can take advantage of price match guarantees, ensuring they get the best deal possible. Additionally, Wholesale Aircon offers an online inspection service, allowing customers to arrange installations with trusted installers, taking the hassle out of finding a reliable team.

Andrew from Sydney: “I ordered a split system Mitsubishi AC from these guys only to find it wouldn’t be available until June (supplier issue). When they phoned me with this news, we quickly solved the problem by finding an equivalent Fujitsu unit for very little extra cost. We replaced the order quickly and efficiently, and I received my purchase within three days of payment, on time, as promised. Throughout the whole process, they were helpful, responsive, and incredibly polite and professional. I give them five stars all the way.”

Extensive Range of Products

Wholesale Aircon boasts an extensive range of air conditioning solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. From split systems to ducted systems, multi-head split systems, and ceiling cassette air conditioners, the company ensures that no matter the need or budget, there is a suitable option available.

Wifi Adapters & Controllers

In addition to air conditioning units, Wholesale Aircon offers a variety of wifi adapters and controllers, allowing for modern, smart home integration. These accessories enable remote control of air conditioning systems, providing convenience and efficiency.

Air Purifiers & Humidifiers

To complement their air conditioning solutions, Wholesale Aircon also offers air purifiers and humidifiers, ensuring a complete approach to indoor air quality. These products are essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment, especially in areas with high pollution levels or dry climates.

Top Brands and Best Sellers

Wholesale Aircon stocks all the best brands in the industry, ensuring that customers receive high-quality products that are reliable and efficient. Some of the top brands available include:


Known for their durability and performance, Mitsubishi air conditioners are a popular choice among customers. Wholesale Aircon offers a range of Mitsubishi products, including the highly rated MSZ-AP Series 2.5 kW Split System.


Daikin is another leading brand in air conditioning, renowned for its innovative technology and energy efficiency. The Daikin Alira X 2.5kw Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System is one of the best sellers at Wholesale Aircon, offering excellent value with wifi included.


Fujitsu air conditioners are celebrated for their reliability and advanced features. The Fujitsu ASTG09KMTC 2.5kW Inverter Wall Split System is a top choice for customers looking for a compact and efficient unit.

Wholesale Aircon has established itself as a leading provider of air conditioning solutions in Australia, offering unbeatable deals, a wide range of products, and exceptional customer service. From split systems to ducted systems and multi-head systems, Wholesale Aircon caters to all needs and budgets. With competitive pricing, easy online shopping, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Wholesale Aircon is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to improve their indoor climate control.

Whether for residential or commercial purposes, Wholesale Aircon provides the expertise and quality products needed to ensure comfort throughout the year.

Shop now and experience the difference with Wholesale Aircon.

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