Vodafone’s Commitment to Social Tariffs and the Digital Divide

In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and rising costs of living, staying connected has become more essential than ever before. Vodafone, a leading telecommunications provider, recognizes the pressing need to ensure that families and businesses can afford to remain connected. As part of their unwavering commitment, Vodafone has introduced a range of measures designed to support those facing the cost of living crisis and to bridge the digital divide. From social tariffs to initiatives aimed at addressing digital exclusion, Vodafone is taking significant steps to make a positive impact on society.

Social Tariffs: A Lifeline for Vulnerable Individuals

Recognizing the financial hardships faced by many, Vodafone has introduced a series of social tariffs targeted at specific groups. Individuals claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance, Universal Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Reduced Earnings Allowance, Disability Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, and Pension Credit are eligible for these special tariffs. These tariffs ensure that even those in challenging financial situations can access vital mobile and broadband services, enabling them to stay connected with loved ones and access essential information.

Managing Bills with Affordable Plans

Vodafone understands that affordable connectivity is crucial for individuals and families. To this end, they offer a range of budget-friendly plans to suit different needs. Their Pay as you go bundles start at just £10 a month and provide unlimited calls, texts, and 21GB of data. For VOXI customers, a package offering 15GB of data, unlimited calls and minutes, and endless social media access is available for the same price. Moreover, Vodafone’s affordable broadband packages, starting at just £22 a month, offer reliable connectivity with average upload speeds of 35Mbps. This empowers users to work, stream, and stay connected with ease.

Vodafone Together: Connecting Families and Reducing Costs

For families looking to minimize costs, Vodafone Together offers a unique solution. By combining mobile and broadband plans, customers can save up to £3 a month on their bills. Families of four can save up to a remarkable £380 per year through this initiative. Additionally, Vodafone is committed to giving back to the community through their Buy One Give One initiative. For every new or existing Vodafone Together household, the company pledges to donate up to a year’s worth of connectivity to individuals in need. This initiative forms a vital part of their everyone.connected campaign, which aims to bridge the digital divide for four million people and businesses by 2025.

Empowering Through Rewards and Entertainment

Vodafone’s VeryMe Rewards loyalty program offers exclusive deals, discounts, and freebies throughout the year. From free coffees and meals to discounts on family outings, this program adds value to customers’ lives. Moreover, a range of Pay Monthly mobile plans offer additional streaming subscriptions, including YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime, and Spotify Premium. This ensures that users can access their favorite content seamlessly.

Support and Connectivity for All

Vodafone recognizes that unforeseen circumstances can lead to challenges in paying bills. Their Spend Manager tool helps customers avoid unexpected charges by setting limits on out-of-plan expenses. Bill and payment support options are also available for those who may have missed a payment or are facing difficulties. Vodafone’s commitment to support extends to their collaboration with the National Health Service (NHS), offering discounts to healthcare employees, and tailored assistance for financially vulnerable customers.

Digital Inclusion: A Cornerstone of Vodafone’s Mission

Understanding the impact of the digital divide, Vodafone has made it a central mission to promote digital inclusion. Through their everyone.connected campaign, Vodafone is partnering with charities like the Trussell Trust, Barnardo’s, and Good Things Foundation to provide digital access and skills to vulnerable individuals. The Great British Tech Appeal involves donating pre-loved devices to those in need, accompanied by SIM cards with unlimited calls, texts, and free data for six months. Charities.connected offers free SIM cards with 40GB of data per month to UK registered charities working with digitally excluded individuals.

Uniting for a Digital Future

Vodafone’s commitment extends beyond individuals to encompass businesses. The V-Hub by Vodafone website offers a wealth of resources for small and medium-sized businesses, covering topics from starting an online venture to cybersecurity. Their collaboration with Enterprise Nation through business.connected aims to help businesses embrace technology and thrive online.


In a world where connectivity is essential for progress, Vodafone stands as a beacon of support. Through social tariffs, affordable plans, and initiatives targeting the digital divide, Vodafone is making a profound impact on individuals, families, and businesses. By championing the cause of connectivity, Vodafone is not only bridging gaps but also building bridges to a more connected and inclusive future. With their commitment to affordability, accessibility, and innovation, Vodafone is undoubtedly a driving force for positive change in the realm of telecommunications and digital inclusion.

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